Game Development
If you are looking for a team to bring your bold ideas to life, we would be happy to contact you.
The lowest barrier to entry - more than 2/5 of the world's population owns smartphones, and many games can be played for free.
The creation process is less complicated, so there are unlikely to be problems due to the next lockdown or geopolitical situation.
The price of developing a game for the phone is lower than for PC, which means you can take a chance and try a new idea.
Game genres
Each genre has its own fans, its own recognizable interface and its own methods of monetization. Depending on the purpose of the project, there are two groups:
Commercial - are created to generate income from players. The main factors in the development: an analysis of competitors, the definition of the target audience.
Marketing - to increase recognition of the company, announcement of goods, audience analysis. Here an interesting idea, design, storyline associated with the brand is important.
What does the cost of development depend on?
The story, the plot and the characters. If you want the user to get through the game to the end, you need an interesting story.

The developers Write it together with you, discussing everything from the location to the color of the hero's hair.
Category and genre. For example, you can make a single-player minigame or an online multiplayer strategy game.

Operating system. When developing mobile and computer games we use the Unity engine. It supports 25 different platforms, including personal computers, game consoles, smartphones, etc. Allows to work on devices with Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, etc.
We provide turnkey services, from idea to project release. In addition to direct development, our team:
implements analytics systems to collect data;
Publishes the game on App Store and Google Play;
Responsible for warranty service after the release.
You don't need to be proficient in programming to release your first game app. Just describe the goal and objectives, we will find the best solution.
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ux / ui Design
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Our team
Tell us about your project
We will guide you step by step through all the stages of development:
Idea generation.
Analysis of competitors, the target audience.
Writing terms of reference.
Creating a design.
Testing and debugging.
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